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  • LOGOTEX INDUSTRIAL CO., LTD. was established in 2007 (CHANG TAI CHEMICAL (HUIZHOU) CO.,LTD. set up in 2000) and has been dedicated to the innovation in different films of materials such as TPU films, Hot-melt films until today. In order to reach the perfecting partnership with our consumers, we will not only keep our passion of innovating, but also improve our services to satisfy every customer.
    Our TPU film products demonstrate excellent physical and chemical properties, friction-resistant, environmental friendly, weather-resistant, non-toxic and also recyclable features. Our products have wide range of applications such as cloths, tablet PC/ E-book/ smart phone covers, underwear, shoes, label, and many other industries that you can think of.
    The hot-melt adhesive film products (TPU/EVA/Polyamide) have been tailored to the special needs of every single customer, and well-developed in regards to the specific physical properties and material requirement. The products can be extensively used for solvent-free adherence applications. LOGOTEX had providing workers with a clean, solvent-free, and non-toxic safe processing environment.
    As for LOGOTEXS’ future purpose, our R&D will keep our passion toward the innovation, environmental friendly and sustainable business culture to do research on the green products fields with development to spread the words into the world in order to fulfilling our responsibility of carbon reduction as well as energy and ecological aspects.
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